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Viscoelastic pillow - special offer!

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Position lattice

2015-10-13 09:36:25

Industrial mats

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New colors of polyurethane chairs and stools!

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2015-10-13 09:36:25

Industrial mats

Modern ergonomic industrial mats offer from now on!
We invite you to shop our newest product - industrial mats. This is ergonomic solution for all who work standing up. The mats are flexible, so reduce stress on joints and spine. They are also safe - non-slip, provide a more stable position and figure. Our mats are resistant to cleaning agents, making it easier to keep purity at every workstation.
All mats are offered in size 60 cm x 90 cm.
Available Colours:
RAL 7037 light gray
NCS Y578 dark gray
RAL 9005 Black
RAL 9005 black ESD
More on the mats here.
Pricing information and the availability mats - please contact Plastpur Export Department.

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